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Kawaii mono daisuki (I love everything cute)
Hayaritteru mono motto motto suki (I really really like what's fashionable)




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United States
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Cosplay Bucket List
~Nyo!Japan from Hetalia
~Nyo!Germany from Hetalia
~Nyo!China from Hetalia
~Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita
~Kurama from Kamisama Hajimemashita
~Ahri from League
~Sakuya from Okami
~Amaterasu from Okami
Drawing Bucket List
Things I Owe People
Things I'm Waiting For
~commission from :iconhanakokira:
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Stolen from :iconlykedesevvia:

allies| would you rather....

1. Go over to france's house and spend a day with him or spend a day with russia?

France's house and spend a day with him

2. Eat with america at Mc donalds or kiss france

Kiss France

3. Go on a date with russia and he is being kind and thoughtful or go out with china and he is always not making sense

Go on a date with russia and he is being kind and thoughtful

4. Have a pool party at america's house or have a rave at france's house as the host of it is prussia

Rave party at France's house and the host of it is Prussia

5. Have sex with russia or france?

France all the way

6. Be stuck in a closet with america for 10 minutes or be stuck in a bedroom with france for an hour


7. Eat englands scones or be stuck in an awkward postion with china

Awkward position with China! XD

8. Feel a loving embrace from russia or england

Ooo that's a hard one... uh... um... uh... hm... England. XD1

9. Have a romantic moonlight date with france, or have a fun and energetic date with america

Romantic moonlight date with France

10. Kiss canadas cheek, or actually kiss him

Ahahaha. Actually kiss him

axis| would you rather...

1. Have italy cook you your favorite meal or japan to give you a boring lecture about his history

Japan can lecture me any day.

2. Training with germany or running away from germany with italy


3. Seduce germany or take his porn and hide it in your room to piss him off

The first one >:3

4. Kiss italy or japan


5. Marry prince italy or date general germany

Date General Germany lol

6. Hug italy or germany for 5 minutes

Hug Germany! XD

7. Sleep with germany (not in that way) or sleep with italy to keep him safe

Sleep with Germany. ^_^

8. Hug chibitalia and have her as a sister or take chibitalias place and kiss holy roman empire

Hug chibi!italy and have him as a brother

9. Ballroom dance with japan or listen to austrias music

Ballroom dance with Japan

10. Tug italys curl or romanos


1. Piss off romano or germany


2. Kiss spain or tug austrias curl

Kiss Spain

3. Dominate prussia or lick chocolate off of england

Lick chocolate off of England

4. French kiss france or fight with belarus over russia

French kiss France (faints)

5. Wear somthing sexy and walk around wearing it in front of germany or cuddle on the softest couch with italy

Wear something sexy and walk around wearing it in front of Germany. X3

6. Spend christmas with the allies or axis

Allies. XD

7. Go shopping with poland or piss off switzerland and have him chasing you through his lawn with a shotgun

Go shopping with Poland. XD

8. Help lithuania, estonia, and lativa escape from russia or tell england off by saying "bite my shiny metal ass."

Neither. :P

9. Marry england or china

Marry China

10. On halloween, wear a sexy devil costume if you're spending it with axis or a smokin hot cat woman if your spending it with the allies

Well I wanna spend it with the allies, so cat woman it is

11. Sleep with america or china

Um both. XD

12. Watch a horror film with america or watch the ring with japan

The Ring with Japan. :D

hetalia yaoi| would you rather...

1. Videotape greece and turkey making out or make a yaoi fic of austria and prussia taking a shower together

The first one

2. Get a nosebleed by seeing austria dominating prussia or seeing england lick america

Get a nosebleed by seeing england lick america

3. Have a threesome with the german brothers and watch them make out in front of you or secretly watch canada being dominated by america

Threesome with the German brothers.

4. Watch austria renacting lady gaga's bad romance video with her outfits she wore with lady gaga's voice and laugh at prussia's nosebleed and other "reaction" or see a bondage between germany and italy

Bondage between Germany and Italy

5. See spain and romano making out and about to get it on or videotape germany pulling italy's curl and seeing his reaction

See Spain and Romano making out and about to get it on. XD


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